pompok0 asked: hello ! im a gcse photography student and we're studying your work in class at the moment! meep just wanted to say your work is really cool and we all shot and photoshopped responses and yeah its amazing that you're so young and succsesful hehe <3

Thanks a lot!! x

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mornem asked: I cannot believe you're only 18. You are soooo talented!! Thank you for expanding my world!

I’m actually 19 now but thank you so much!! :)

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midnight--carlights asked: Hey Laura I know you get a lot of these aha, but I just wanted to say that both you and your photographs are absolutely gorgeous (: xx

thank you so much! :) x

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heyyitsteresaamaae asked: What's your Instagram account? I'm on there far more often and would love to see your photos in my feed on there too!!

@laurawilliams__ it’s mostly a personal account but feel free to follow!

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fraann3 asked: frandoddx <-- actual blog Hi I’m doing A level art and I would like to use you as an inspiring artist in my coursework if that's okay as love your photography!(:

Hi thank you and yes of course you may! :)

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fuckyouifyoutakemeserious asked: You clearly get a lot of praise and good feedback for your photography so I'm just going to assume you won't mind me saying that I love your work! It's absolutely phenomenal, and you are very talented :3

Aw thank you so much! :)

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mandychanel asked: Hi, which Camera are you using?

nikon d5100

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dontknowhattocallthis asked: Hi, Im currently an A-Level photography student. I love your work, and often find myself scrolling through your blog as its amazing, For this reason, I'm thinking about starting my own blog for sharing my work. But the one thing I need a little advice on is people using the photos in the wrong way and not crediting them? i would hate for this to happen and wonder if you have any advice on this:)

Thank you! Unfortunately there are inconsiderate, ignorant people out there that will take a picture they like off the internet and post it to their own page, often even claiming it as their own. I try and avoid uploading the high res version to any website to prevent people downloading this, instead I use a smaller version which is obviously worth less to thieves. You could also always right a message next to your pictures stating that they are not to be used/posted without credit or your permission.

Good luck with your own blog! :)

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teodorbergqvist asked: You should make it available to comment your posts. Your work is stunning and I would like to tell you that. True inspiration is what you give me, thanks!

No idea how to do that aha! My posts on flickr are commendable though! https://www.flickr.com/photos/laurawilliams_x/ 

thank you!

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